How to buy office furniture to suit your needs

Purpose of office furniture buying guide

029455The purpose of this office furniture buying guide is to help you understand and choose the right type of office furniture to suit your environment and budget. The most expensive item is not necessarily the best office furniture for your needs. I am writing this guide un-biased. I’ve tried to include as much information on buying office furniture as possible including everything you should need to know about materials, assembly, measuring correctly, caring for your furniture and our free delivery service. If you feel like I’ve missed anything out or would like to see something added to this guide, then feel free to leave a comment or send us an email. Don’t forget I’m also building out our office furniture glossary, so that might be helpful too.




Choosing the right office furniture

Space saving cubbies for laptops or home office solutions?

It doesn’t matter whether you have a dedicated workspace at home or just need mobile workspace while your sat on the couch, we have the solution to help you make the most of your space, it’s just a case of finding the perfect product to suit your needs. Our online catalog contains around 45,000+ items of office furniture, ranging from mobile laptop solutions to static corner desks.

Portable office furniture

As people’s working methods are changing, portable office furniture becomes a popular choice amongst offices and home office consumers. Corner desks, laptop & PC trolleys and mobile workstations with castors are some of the versatile solutions which are ideal for multi use rooms. We also have a large range of hideaway computer workstations, which are perfect for when you’re not using your PC. A hideaway workstation is excellent for functionality without compromising on space of appearance

Storage based office furniture

If your like me and still cant go completely paperless and need some storage space on your desk or even need a filing cabinet then we have excellent office furniture to suit your storage needs. A large proportion of our office furniture is modular and interchangeable giving you complete freedom to choose a desk from one range and an accompanying pod from another. Our collection is universal for the ultimate in convenience. The choice is yours whether you want a 2 draw pedestal cabinet with matching veneer or a 4 draw stylish black finish pedestal, you can even choose your own inserts – so you could have either with the old style filing cabinet hangins.

Professional office furniture

We are a specialist office furniture supplier and can tailor make all of your office furniture should you require it. All of the products are suitable (and infact are made) for the working office environment. Don’t compromise over choosing a home based store’s office furniture for your working office as those products are mostly suited to the home office environment and are not built to last. Our range of modular office furniture will allow you to create a stylish, professional and most importantly practical working space, whether its 1 desk or 500 desks you require – you can completely customise the look and feel of your office from our huge selection of office furniture online.

Lumbar support

If you or your employees spend a lot of time of time infront of a computer screen and remain seated then it’s absolutely essential to choose something which is not only health and safety approved but also provides an excellent lumbar support system. Different chairs can be categorised by the amount of time spent on them, whether that be for constant use, regular use, occasional use down to pure leisure like gaming & online surfing. All of the office chairs on our website fulfil the strictest industry guidelines and can be used for all the above methods. For the ultimate in lumbar support for your office chairs, we have a huge range available.


Measurement guide

office furniture buying guide measurementsEvery last piece of office furniture on our website comes with measurements, so you can calculate your workspace according to size. We have provided the measurements in Height (H), Width (W) and Depth (D). Please make a note of the measurements before you order as it will save time in the long run. If your tight on space or need a custom desk built, then give us a call we can CAD your office environment out before you purchase. Where possible we have also provided A / B / C measurements for items which are not conform or have wave panels included (right hand image). If a pack of office furniture is chosen e.g an office desk and a pedestal we have provided sizes for both. We have also a handy size convertor available

012882Scale Vs CAD Drawings

I would recommend making a scale drawing of your office / room and cutting out the items in it in cardboard so you can remodel your room and workout how best to arrange your office. Also do the same for your new item of office furniture, then you can’t go wrong! One thing to be careful of when doing this is to ensure that there is opening space for things like drawers, pedestals, filing cabinets etc. If thats too much messing for you we have fully functional CAD office furniture experts on hand to do it for you. Just give us a call and we will do all the hard work for you.

Ensure there is clearance and access

When choosing your new office furniture, also take into consideration doorway / door openings and anything mounted on the wall. A lot of our items are available flat pack, but some are also delivered pre-assembled (for your convenience) so ensure that there is enough clearance to actually get the product to the desired location. Think of things like stairways, doors, paintings (I’ve knocked lots off in my time), steps etc.




Office furniture jargon buster

I’ve put together this jargon buster to help you out with the most common of office furniture related words, but for the ultimate answers be sure to look in the office furniture glossary.
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