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School Furniture

The perfect office chair, ergonomic experts say, is one that has a backrest and a padded seat which offers adjustable heights which should be used alongside a large office desk with sufficient room to spread your work whilst catering for a keyboard and a mouse. Any computer screen should be a minimum of 45cm away from a person’s face and at eye level on the office desk in front of you.

In some schools within the UK and abroad, schoolchildren are still often sat at the wrong height and looking upwards at their monitors, often on hard chairs. There are other schools that have the right equipment in place but often computer desks are cluttered with items and monitors are not always positioned correctly. Some schools have been forced to provide laboratory stools for their children to work at their desks.

All over Scandinavia, schools have been more advanced in terms of classroom and office furniture ergonomics and provide their children with height adjustable office chairs and tilting desktops.

With a large number of people now working on laptops, ergonomic issues have come more to the fore. A lap is the last place to work on your laptop. It is meant to be placed on a firm surface, working from your lap will mean the development of shoulder, back and neck pain.

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