A reduction in stress… an increase in productivity… all because of new furniture?

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Could new furniture really stop workplace stress?

Work-related stress is at an all-time high. Absenteeism is stifling growth across the boards. Austerity and a lack of job security means workers are going through an unprecedented period of pressure and anxiety.

Physically, more workers than ever are suffering the effects of sedentary work, including obesity, cardiovascular problems and even diabetes and cancer.

With people often spending more time at work than they do at home, you’d think we’d be applying similar standards to the office environment to those we apply to the home we live in.

Yet the majority of workers also express dissatisfaction with their working environments and standards of care within the workplace.

Stress reduction through office furniture

The environment you work in has a massive relationship to how you feel. If your workplace is run-down, you’re not going to feel productive. If your chair is old and squeaky, if your desk is too low or too high and there’s just not enough space to store everything, chances are you’re going to be suffering physically.

Over-stretching, slouching, leaning, pulling, twisting – we put our bodies through the mill just sitting at work, and our mental states suffer too.

However, if you’re an employer reading this, the answer may be very simple indeed.

Re-purpose your workplace environment for your staff. It’s probably long overdue anyway and there are countless business benefits besides looking after your staff.

Nevertheless, being a socially responsible employer and looking after your staff is increasingly what’s going to separate you from the competition.

A new environment means increased productivity

A whole refit of the office is going to require a holistic rethink – and that’s a good thing. Take the opportunity to mentally remove everything from the office and think about how you could re-purpose it.

Better lighting, temperature control and air conditioning are all good places to start. Then think about adding new desks. Are you sure that old “pod” style structure with separate offices was working, or is it, in fact, just making people feel separate and isolated?

Move into the future with a collaborative, open-plan workspace. Bench desks, hot-desking and breakout areas for privacy when it’s needed encourages movement instead of stillness – foster a culture where people get up out of their desks to talk to one another, instead of sending emails.

Allow for opportunities to happen – let staff bump into one another over the course of the day to share a light moment away from the work, allow workers to overhear conversations and feel comfortable to chip in with suggestions. Move away from a static, hierarchical groups structure and let people feel out the boundaries of their own roles.

All of this will make productivity and job satisfaction go through the roof – and all because you bought new furniture. Doesn’t seem like such a small thing anymore, does it?

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