The Ergonomics of Office Chairs

Nova Plus Ergonomic Cantilever Desk With Fixed Pedestal
Nova Plus Ergonomic Cantilever Desk With Fixed Pedestal

For a long time ergonomics has been talked about and introduced into all designs of office furniture, not least desks and chairs which are of course the most important items when it comes to working comfort.

It was once the case that buying an ergonomic office chair or desk was quite expensive but due to market demand and mass production these items have come down in value and have gone up in quality.

Every serious player in the office furniture market knows that ergonomics is now a necessity as they are recognised by health and safety standards and no longer something that is classed as a new industry gimmick.

Typically, when you are looking for an ergonomic office chair you need to look for an item that has the following features to guarantee you comfort during the working day.

Ergonomic office chairs

Office chairs with five castors.
Comfortable backrest.
Arm rests – wide and adjustable.
Wide padded seat.
Material – the best material for your office chair is the breathable kind which allows air to circulate your body.
Adjustable seat – make sure your feet are flat to the floor and parallel to your thighs to prevent the chance of lower back ache.

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