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Product Search Results for 'lamp'
Product Search Results for ‘lamp’

There is one company that firmly believes office furniture and the environment has a direct impact on its employees and takes this a step further than most!

When it comes to funky office furniture and a zany, creative work ethic Google has it all.

Having a slide that shoots you down from your work space to their funky canteen during break times and lunch times is sure to bring a smile to even the most hardened employees.

Rather than plumping for a traditional style of office desk coupled with the conventional office chair, Google believe that expanding the imaginations of their employees comes through the use of unconventional office furniture so they provide their staff with Swiss chalet office chairs which they sit on to hold meetings inside their  igloo pods.

Fireman’s poles have also been set up strategically around the Google offices for employees to slide down getting them around the building and to meetings faster whilst having fun!

Break times offer the Google employee the option of sitting in a makeshift aquarium or chilling in the games room.

The library at Google is truly spectacular as it has been designed into an English country home which is decorated with lava lamps.

Not only this, but Google have the results that their employees are more motivated and hit their targets whilst showing loyalty to the firm so this confirms that office furniture and the office environment really does matter to your staff.

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