The changing faces of office furniture

Aluminium Snap Frame Poster Frame
Aluminium Snap Frame Poster Frame

The key essential to any office is the office furniture, and these days it is second nature to purchase office chairs, computer desks and filing cabinets. Have you ever wondered how furniture evolved over the years to get to the point it is at today?

Excavations have uncovered an amazing array of what appears to be stone furniture from the Neolithic Period and work styled furniture which was uncovered in a village in Scotland dates back to 3100 BC and appears to be excellently crafted.

Both work orientated furniture and social furniture have been uncovered in Turkey which date back to the 8th century BC. A carpet has also uncovered that is said to be from the 3rd-6th century BC which had been preserved for centuries in a frozen tomb located in Siberia.

Further excavations at Herculaneum and Pompeii both uncovered Roman social and work orientated furniture that had been perfectly preserved in the volcanic ash from 79 A.D.

The furniture that has been excavated dating back to the Middle Ages has been found to be mainly made of heavy oak with decorative designs and are generally bulky and heavy items.

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