Good ergonomics – the office chair

Product Search Results for 'ergonomic'
Product Search Results for ‘ergonomic’

Executive office chairs belonging to managers and directors are often all singing and all dancing ergonomically designed with such functions as knee tilt mechanisms to allow for easy multi tasking and the ultimate in comfort.

The more commonly seen ergonomic office chairs; those that are viewed as ‘task’ chairs provide a lower back support design which gives movement at the office or computer desk with lumbar support and an option of the model with or without arms.

Often those who type for long periods on a keyboard find office chair arms uncomfortable or can find that they get in the way, which is why we are now given the option.

Another ergonomic feature which is important within an office chair is the seat pan; some models come with a sliding mechanism which means that the chair can be easily adjusted for tall or small people.

An office chair that has been padded with foam or spring coils will retain its cushioning and support for longer periods of time and are found on the highest quality of ergonomic office chairs.

On a good ergonomic office chair, when the tilt mechanism is adjusted on the seat pan, the back rest stays rigid.

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