How to organise your office for a more productive workforce

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How to organise your office for a more productive workforce

It was once thought that with the advent of computers and the internet that offices would one day be paperless. It has however proved to be a myth. The amount of paperwork being generated, has if anything, been increased, and it can easily swamp any organisation, so knowing how to organise your office for a more productive workforce is an important issue.

Whether its copies of communications, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices – whatever, the sheer volume of paper records can be difficult to manage, especially the ones you need constant access to. Choosing office cupboards is therefore more than just a way of stashing papers out of sight. Indeed, if that was the only thing borne in mind, it would actually decrease productivity by making papers more difficult to find when they need to be referred to.

Start with the basics

When considering how to organise your office to make it more productive, you need to start with the basics by clearing away anything that is not in constant use. A good purge is not just about getting rid of unused, unwanted things that have been left lying around; it’s also about purging your work ethic too. You’ll be surprised how it refreshes you and your staff’s attitude and appetite for work at the same time.

Anything and everything is fair game in the clean-up. Office equipment that no longer works or that is simply doesn’t work properly anymore; tired old furniture that is just taking up valuable office space, and even old plants, real or artificial. If they are not conducive to the image of a productive working office – turf them out.

You also need to reconsider the layout of your office. It’s all very easy to stick with familiarity, but you know that they say – familiarity breeds contempt. In this case we are talking about contempt for productivity.

Office design and productivity

Studies have been taken that look into the office and productivity. They prove conclusively that an employee’s ability to relate to their working environment can increase productivity by up to 20%.

The centrepiece of reorganising your office for a more productive workforce revolves around the filing system and the office cupboards in particular. This is after all the real nub of the matter. If the paper records are kept out of the way so that they are not cluttering the working space, and yet they are also readily available when needed, it will make all the difference. You need to choose the right office cupboards for the job.

Office cupboards for all needs and purposes

Here at Office Furniture Online we stock a complete range of office cupboards; cupboards for very type of office and every type of work. We stock fireproof cupboards, hazardous cupboards for storing C.O.S.H.H. items including flammables, even antibacterial cupboards designed for use in the healthcare and education industries.

The look of office cupboards is as important as their functionality. Ranges like the Tambour door cupboards line we carry are designed for their elegant appearance as well as their practicality. If you visit our office cupboards web-page on our website, you can see the true extent of choice available.

Keeping up to date with working trends – like the tendency for more and more work to be of a more virtual nature, is also important. We have a solution for that too with our LapCabby laptop trollies.

The perfect office cupboards that will allow you to organise your office for a more productive workforce are waiting for you here at Office Furniture Online.

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