Ergonomics of today’s office furniture

Ergonomic Back Supports
Ergonomic Back Supports

In most industries the dangers of work related injuries are already well known and most organisations are already aware of the importance of correct office desk and office chair positioning.

Employers these days often invest in the more expensive ergonomic office chairs and office desks in order to ensure the right distance and angle from a computer screen.

The lack of ergonomic awareness when it comes to office furniture in years gone by has resulted heavily in a larger number of work related injuries occurring with increased appointments at chiropractors and physiotherapists due to these symptoms.

Now, around one in three of those patients seeing a chiropractor are suffering from injuries which occurred in their childhood and early teens. After recent research it was uncovered that 29 percent of parents claimed their children had started to complain of back pain from an early age.

Professor Buckle at Surrey University Centre for Health Ergonomics commented:

“We ought to be concerned about this. Most people have risk assessments at work and companies call in specialists to look at how to minimise back strain and introduce the correct office chairs and general office furniture to stop these issues, but few schools are taking this kind of advice.”


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