Women demand more from their office furniture

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Office furniture experts and even psychologists say that a woman’s nature is such that she will view her living or working space in a completely different way to a man.The female is more likely to look at comfort, matching designs and decoration whilst the male is more likely to view their home and working space with a view to functionality.

It is not so simple for a woman to just buy an office chair; she will view the piece as a comfortable addition that should complement her entire office.

Additionally, office furniture experts say that women are actually more likely to seek out office furniture items such as chairs and desks that have been designed specifically to suit a smaller frame.

Jennifer Long who is a management consultant commented online recently; “Everything is too masculine, edgy, too modern, and heavy on the metal.”

It would appear that Jennifer is one of many women who have started to demand more form their office furniture by way of designs that are customised.

As industry research continues into the office furniture market it is not only the female entrepreneur who is demanding more in the way of customised office furniture but demands have started to rise from office furniture manufacturers who are catering for industries where a female is the main boss e.g. beauty salon and hair salons.

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