Going Green at Work

Madame Green Executive Operator Chair
Madame Green Executive Operator Chair

Most offices have now brought in some form of green policies, many of which are surrounding re-cycling.

There are many eco friendly policies that offices would do well to adhere to, and not least from their own perspective a business that shows it cares about the environment is sending all the right messages out to its clients and employees.

Such policies as energy saving light bulbs and timed light switches could save firm’s a fortune in running costs, good recycling policies will also mean that the office stays tidy and efficient.

One of the key areas which some companies have not yet through about is office furniture; there is a distinct ability to reduce landfill if more businesses thought about recycling their old office furniture even if this means that it is sold to another firm or person. If the company needs to purchase brand new office furniture items then donating or selling their office furniture for recycling or donating it to charity will help the environment.

Most offices now have their own recycling areas now and keep shredders close to employee’s office desks.

A good tip when you are looking for new office furniture items is to look for a material which carries a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) label.

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