Office netball

England Netball Association
For the more serious netball enthusiast try England Netball Association

More fun games can be had in the office when the boss has decided to take a few days on holiday.  Office furniture Olympics is the creative way you can turn office furniture items into Olympic equipment to grab 10 minutes of fun.

The netball game is particularly popular because it means that everyone in the team can join in.

Office desks need to form some sort of circle around the bin which has to be the central spot of your court and the goal that both teams are to aim for.
Keep the office desks equally spaced because each person needs to be at the same distance from the bin goal to avoid arguments. Contestants are not required to leave their office chairs once because they are meant to aim for the goal whilst seated.  Good balls for office chair netball are the ones that will cause the least damage so the lighter in weight the better.

Gaming safety list:

Don’t throw heavy articles at your colleague’s head.

Only underarm throwing is allowed and rules on this need to be strict. If an office chair contestant throws overarm then they should be forced to sit a game out. This safety measure will stop you from damaging filing cabinets and other office furniture.

Each game needs an independent judge who is not playing.

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