Adjustable Office Desks

Height Adjustable Desks
Height Adjustable Desks

A number of directives have already been put into place with regard to office desks by the Health and Safety at work organisation and they often suggest that working offices should provide height adjustable office desks for their employees.

In the main there are four varieties of office desks that fit into the category of adjustable which are provided by a variety of office manufacturers:

Top lift office desk – this type of desk is mechanical and accommodates working heights which are at sitting and standing heights – it can be adjusted after assembly and great for creative people who need to draw at an angle.  These types of desks are often used in creative agencies and by architects.

Telescopic frame desk – this office desk is the cheapest to purchase and can be adjusted for height accordingly, but cannot be changed after the desk has been assembled.

Electric motor desk, – an office desk used to change heights consistently throughout the day providing a number of flexible desk options for one or more employees.  Great also for wheelchair users.  This is the most expensive option but is often great for hot desking.

Hydraulic telescopic tubular legs can be added to many standard office desks to provide height adjustment up to 65cm. This is the most affordable option for adjusting the height of an office desk.

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