Has office furniture really changed that much?

We were amazed to find an old newspaper notice this week from 1886 which detailed the clearance by auction of a range of office furniture. It wasn’t so much that this happened in 1886, it was more the list of items that were available that struck us as unusual.

The items of office furniture included an office bookcase and drawers, office cupboards and pigeon holes, office table and desk, revolving office chair and a drawing table with two plain drawers. As well as this there was also a large cedar bookcase, a copying press stand and a cedar office table and drawers.

The strange part of this was just how much of the office furniture we would recognise today as being an essential part of a modern office. Apart from the copying press and stand, which today would no doubt be replaced by a photocopier, all the rest of the furniture would fit in today’s office.

And to cap it all the majority of these items can be ordered today from office Furniture Online as our ranges include solid wood furniture including solid wood office cupboards, tables and chairs.

All this can’t help make us wonder just what the office of 2086 is going to look like and whether they will still need the same furniture ranges as we supply today? Or will everything be so high tech that there is no need for offices any more? Only time will tell, but until then we’ll continue to supply the best Office Cupboards, furniture and chairs we can.

Author: John