Getting the best out of your office chair

Boss office chairs
Boss office chairs

The most basic piece of office furniture, which plays an important role in our working life, is the office chair.  Office chairs have for a while been the cause of many physical ailments and body aches on top of a few dangerous accidents with pieces that have not been well made.

Using an ergonomic office chair makes all the difference and the type of model you need to look for should offer certain characteristics. To help you find the best office chair here are some tips.

Look for straightforward instructions on how to assemble the office chair. Make sure you lay all individual assembly items out in front of you to avoid mistakes or even accidents.

Ensure you carry out checks before you begin assembly – certain office chair components should be in the box which includes castors and wheels – check that they have not been damaged and you are not missing any vital items.

The best type of ergonomic office chair to buy is one that has five legs and whilst it is not essential, it is better to have an office chair that comes on castors for greater mobility.

Before you order your office chair, check what type of office chair base you are best having, depending upon the floor surface in the office.

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