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The trend towards homeworking is one which has grown as the twenty first century has progressed, with more people than ever now finding themselves working from home. In some cases it is because people have opted to start up their own business and to keep costs down they work from home, in others it is an enforced move by employers to reduce the cost of office space. With the morning commute not getting any easier many people see homeworking as an ideal way of earning a living without a lot of the traditional downsides associated with commuting to work.

So if you find yourself working from home what should you be considering if you need to source a good home office desk? The following checklist might give you some pointers towards choosing the right office desk for your home.


Home Office Desks Guide


What size desk you need is of critical importance. You should start by considering the space in which you are going to fit your desk. Be careful when you measure this space as you may need to allow for the fact that any protruding skirting boards will reduce the actual space you have to work with. Also be aware of the need to run cables down to any sockets and make sure that you have sufficient room for this. You should also not forget to include the height of the room in your calculations as there are a number of excellent home office desks these days which have storage capacity built within them and vertical units and these can help you make the most of the available space you have. A good example of this is the Atlanta corner desk which includes a flexible storage area at the side of the desk.

Siting of the desk is often an overlooked criteria but one which if done properly the first time will save you a lot of money in the future. Your desk needs to be somewhere light if possible, or at least somewhere where you can get a good amount of light onto the desk. Siting it in a darkened corner may fulfil the requirements of ‘keeping it out of the way’ but once you start working at it you will soon find this is quite tiring. You want to be motivated to work and to be able to enjoy what you are doing so ideally a site near a window will give you a better working environment than a dark corner somewhere. You should also consider the angle at which the light will come onto the desk as you don’t want to be struggling with glare from the monitor. The balance between staring at a blank wall and being distracted by the outside world is one which you will need to weigh up.

Do you simply need a flat surface to work on, or do you need something more elaborate to provide a professional workstation? You can get simple basic desks like the Mexico rectangular desk which will give you somewhere to put your laptop or computer, printer and some files. Or do you want something with a properly built computer monitor stand and some drawers like the Core Midi computer desk? This desk also has a neat pull out shelf for your keyboard. Think through carefully the functionality you will need from your furniture before deciding which to buy. You should also look not only at the desk but the other furniture available in the range, as you may well want to include a bookcase and filing cabinet either now or in the future and it’s important to get them to match.

With so many different office desks for home available these days it can be quite a challenge to choose the right material. Thankfully though with modern production techniques all the desks available will withstand the knocks of modern day living and still look good in your home. You should aim to choose something that blends in with your existing decor, so if you favour a black and chrome minimalist look you should consider something like the Tokyo Black Glass Computer Desk rather than the Antique Pine Effect corner computer desk which would be more suited to a rustic style decor. When it comes to wood however you have two choices, namely wood veneer or solid wood. Both are superbly functional ad ideal for a home office desk however the solid wood desk like the Argento Solid Mahogany Computer Desk Hideaway has the advantage of doubling up as a piece of furniture to blend in with the décor. Whatever you choose there is sufficient choice out there to mean that you don’t need to put up with an eyesore in your beautifully decorated home.

There are literally hundreds of styles of desk available these days so there is no reason why you can’t find the perfect desk for your home. From solid wood, through wood veneers in a massive range of colours and styles to glass and chrome furniture that looks like a work of art, the choice is yours. If you have been diligent in your attention to the size, functionality and material choices by this stage you should know what is going to go in your home. Remember that the desk you choose will reflect your style so make it comfortable, practical and make it blend into your home. Then every morning when you approach it for work it won’t be an eyesore that you’re forced to sit at but a stylish home office desk that is a joy to work at.

Self assembly
Most, if not all home office desks these days are self assembly, with some requiring a bit more effort to put together than others. Unless you can afford the top of the range boardroom furniture like the Andorra Real Wood Veneer Rectangular Boardroom Tables which are assembled on site for you, there will be a small amount of self assembly required. Remember that whichever desk you choose you will need to be able to carry the pieces to the location you are planning to site it before assembly and then be able to complete that assembly yourself. Make sure therefore that you have chosen something that you can lift, manoeuvre and assemble yourself, or to have some friends or family standing by to help out

Finally remember that whilst you may be buying this as a functional desk, albeit one that fits nicely in your home, your friends, family and particularly kids may have other ideas! Loved ones are prone to putting hot cups on the work surface, kids are prone to bumping into these things and friends will see it as an ideal place to put beer cans or glasses of drink. Glass and metal desks will of course wipe clean as will wood veneer desks, whilst solid wood desks, particularly the more expensive ones will require a little more care. Choose wisely therefore and you will enjoy many years of pleasure and use from your new home office desk.

Office Desks for home


With such a bewildering array of choice you should now know where to start. To find your ideal home office desk simply follow any of the links on thisp age and start to consider the styles that will fit in your home. If you’re still confused or need a little more help then feel free to call us at any time on 0844 248 7001 and one of our friendly helpful advisors will be able to help you make the right choice.

Author: John