Five tips to beating the recession

Product Search Results for 'sofa'
Product Search Results for ‘sofa’

Five tips to beating the recession

  1. Renegotiate your costs – Go through every outgoing and analyse each and every one, where there is scope for savings  contact each supplier and negotiate a better rate.  The more in depth you make your list the more chance you have of reducing your costs.
  2. Cut unnecessary spending, but not at the cost of your customer. – While your analysing your outgoings, ask the question ‘do we really need it’, if it doesn’t affect your customers or your performance then there’s a good potential to save.
  3. Look for areas of potential improvement – Try to identify any area of weakness, analyses the competition for ideas, or even better get your customers to tell you where you could improve.
  4. Be more creative in your Marketing – How do you cut cost but still have a marketing strategy? Consider alternative avenues. Search engines offer wealth of advertising and if you get it right you can get if free.
  5. Go out and get new business – Don’t let cost cutting get in way of maximising revenues from existing customers or your battle to find new customers.

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Author: John