Open plan office tips

Clearview Open Sorting Unit
Clearview Open Sorting Unit

How staff interact with each other and their expectations of there colleagues is affected by the office layout. Offices which are tight nit probably mean when you make the tea your colleague will probably expect you to ask them if they would like one too.

With open plan offices, your office desk is on display to everyone so keeping a tidy desk and trip hazards of the floor is important. Avoid spilling paper over your desk onto others, people are very protective of their space, and may get annoyed if they feel you are taking advantage of them.

In an open plan office remember that not only sound travels but smells do too. Not everyone may share your likely for a particular fragrance or aftershave so apply sparingly.

With the prevalence of swine flu, if you’re feeling like you have the flu it’s important to stay off work as swine flu is easily spread and an open plan office leaves many open to infection.

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