Staging a successful meeting

Accord Barrel Boardroom Tables
Accord Barrel Boardroom Tables

Allow time for set-up and rehearsal and allow time between sessions to re-set meeting rooms. Book all meeting rooms at least 24 hours in advance.

1. Seating Plan, are the meeting tables and chairs arranged in the correct manner for the meeting format? Is the size of the room adequate for the number of people who will be in attendance?

2. You may have a set number attending but you never know.  Check that extra meeting chairs are available and easily accessible.

3. Room Temperature, locate the room climate controls (air conditioning/heating). Start with the room cooler than usual, the room will warm up with more people in the space.

4. Video/Projector, make sure that all of the equipment needed for the meeting is on site and ready to go 5. Podium with light and riser. Check to make sure that these items are available if requested by the speaker or facilitator.

6. Presentation table with water pitcher, drinking glasses, pencils and note pads.

7. Decorations that reinforce the meeting theme and colour scheme. Check that all decorations conform to fire regulations.

9. Signage, check the location- is it clear and visible?

Careful planning makes for flawless execution and a chance for attendees to get the most out of the sessions they attend.

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