Avoiding stress at work when possible

Humanscale Diffrient World Chair
Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

For combating the signs of stress that occur during busy working days, it is advisable to start by setting small, easily achievable goals which could be something as simple as ensuring you read all your new emails in the morning during a peaceful moment at your office desk. Psychologically, with each goal that you achieve, no matter how simple, will make you feel more satisfied with your progress, keen to complete more tasks, keep you focused and above all keep you calm.

If your work stress is very bad, then it might be an idea to write down the issues in your diary at the end of each day and keep it in the top drawer of your office desk to constantly refer to.  If you check your stress list regularly you will start to see better ways of overcoming your own anxieties.

Physical strain from uncomfortable or incorrect office furniture is also a common complaint in offices and it should be the very first thing to address regardless of whether this is your home office or an outside firm which you work for. Ensure that you have office furniture that does not cause you physical pain because the impact long term could be even worse.

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