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One of the biggest problems with staff in the work place can come from managers who do not understand them as individuals and treat them in a negative leadership way.

Jacinta Brennan, HR Director at Yahoo! in the UK said:

“Always communicate your view of the IT team’s contribution to your executive colleagues – and prove it in hard business terms. To increase the IT department’s visibility within the organisation, ask to be invited to key management meetings (even if a quick meeting around an office desk), or arrange presentations to the different business units explaining IT’s role and the services your team provides. Let the business know what to expect.”

When you have got the leadership style right you will see that staff become motivated and aspire and identify with the values of the workplace.  The department you are managing has a better atmosphere and staff should be rewarded with comfortable office furniture to help them maximize their performance levels.

Jo Causon says:

“Research carried out by the Chartered Management Institute has shown that employees are motivated by a sense of purpose in their work, feelings of achievement at reaching goals and helping others to grow and develop.”

Involve department members in full team meetings Jo Causon suggests, and get everyone around a large office desk for brain storming and creative sessions, giving staff the chance to present their own ideas and opinions.

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