Remote working from a home office

RF Pro - Radio Remote Control
RF Pro – Radio Remote Control

The ability to work without being anchored to an office chair is hugely favoured these days due to our busy work and social lives.

If you are working from a home office remotely, communication and productivity can actually be enhanced. These days a laptop will not take up much room and to use one does not require an office desk, merely a flat surface.

A huge survey across the UK was carried out last year by Working Nation on behalf of Vodafone and the results revealed that the majority of employees actually found that their performance improved if they were working from a home office. Furthermore, 59 percent of employees questioned also said that they were more creative in their thoughts when they were not tied to an office chair.

Working parents have found that using mobile technologies, whether it is a mobile phone or a laptop, helps them to juggle the demands that they face daily between children and the home office.

Camilla Cochrane, Marketing Manager for Blackberry and T Mobile said:

“For working mothers, a lot of the difficulty they have is being able to grab those minutes between meetings and the office desk, or on their way to or from work, and make the most of them.  A device like the Blackberry is so handy for that because you don’t have to be anywhere in particular to use it. Working mums feel more in control as they know they’ve got it covered.”


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