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Office desk & floor lamps
Office desk & floor lamps

Office lighting plays a very important role in morale and motivation. People tend to associate light with positive energy and activity, and they tend to be very alert and enthusiastic in a well-lit office environment. Office lights also represent a significant portion of the company’s overhead because they rank among the highest consumers of electricity.

Studies have proven that office lighting has a direct impact on the psychology and performance of the workplace.Lighting in offices should think beyond the simple functional requirements of visibility. The office lighting should provide enough bright, comfortable illumination that people are not straining their eyes. Too little direct lighting, however, is often too dim, and people end up looking out the windows too much to get their jobs done.

On the practical side, office light must facilitate the workflow process by providing glare free illumination that eliminates pockets of shadows and bright spots on monitors and desk areas. This often requires the use of indirect lighting. Because indirect lighting reflects from either the ceiling or wall back into the open spaces where people are working, it tends to be more diffused and therefore less likely to reflect a second time off of work areas.

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