Filing and time management practices

Premises Management
Premises Management

With around thirty seven hours of unfinished work lying on top of most workers office desks, filing systems are more important than ever to keep us on track during our working day.

Some ideas to help you clear your work faster and with focus:

Put a set time aside daily to check all your emails and ensure you are undisturbed to read and react to all your electronic mail from the peace of your office chair.

Keep the times you check your email account to a limit because as emails come through you respond to them it will take your mind off the work issues you may be trying to focus on.

Keep a very good filing system both physically and on your email and your work documents.

It’s an estimate that we use only 20% of possessions only 80% of the time. Applying this theory to paper, we may really only use 20% of the paper piles sat on your office desk or bulging out of our filing cabinets:

Keep a daily system for physical mail – a file or inbox on top of your office desk clearly marked will suffice.

Never make additional copies if you already have a version saved on your computer as this is a waste of paper. It will start to mess up your office desk and it is not a very ‘green’ way to work.

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