Making sure hot desking doesn’t make your employees hot and bothered


For staff spend most of their time out of the office or betweens offices having their own office desk is not always practical or if space is limited, even possible.

Hot Desking
Hot Desking

Hot desking is one of the most practical solutions to the problem of having more staff than space. If your business has grown and you decide to move to hot desking, consider your employees as it can be quite a big change for those who are use to having their own personal office space.

With a laptop, wireless connection and mobile phone employees are not tied to their desks and can work anywhere there is a chair and table. Being well organised is the key to successful hot desking, gone are the days of the disorderly desk.

With many people using the same desk it is important that the office chairs can easily adjusted to suit each individual. The height and backrest position should be adjustable, and preferably the position of the seat.

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Author: John