Better safe than sorry

Product Search Results for 'safe'
Product Search Results for ‘safe’

While you’re enjoying your well earned summer holiday, the last thing you want to be worry about is your house back home.

If the worst does happen and your home is burgled then having a safe can save your valuable posessions, or at the very least delay the thiefs enough for them to be interrupted or caught.

Some insurance companies require householders with valuables to have a safe. Deciding on the right safe depends on how many valuables you have and their worth. All safes have a rating which indicates how much protection it will offer.  Safes can be free standing or built into a wall.  Wall safes offer good protection for small safes, where they can be secured in walls and be placed at a convenient height for easy access. Free standing safes tend to be larger and heavier but will offer better protection.

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Author: John