A tidy office desk is the key to success

Stream Plus Cable Tidy
Stream Plus Cable Tidy

At some stage or other your office desk is going to look like a ‘bomb has hit it’ and usually this will be in the middle of a working day when you are at your busiest. To organise your own mind for the next day it is essential that you file your papers away and clear your office desk ready for the next morning.

A few tips to handy office desk strategies:

Use the theory that for the office accessories that you use less often place them further away from your office desk and those that you use daily should be on or near your office desk.

For example daily office accessories such as calculators should go in the top draw of your office desk and items that you may only use weekly such as files should go into a cupboard or filing cabinet nearby. Organising yourself with this type of system will ensure that you keep your desk tidy.

Use some sort of logical organisation when it comes to office accessories and try and keep items that relate to each other all in one place e.g. chequebook should be kept with bills, calculator and other accountancy objects.

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