The art of office style

School / Education furniture (Arty enough?)
School / Education furniture (Arty enough?)

Art is not just for your home it can play an important role in the success of your business.  Having your office decorated with art can improve morale, relieve stress, and promote creativity.
It can stir the creativity that in all of us. It may as simple as having a beautiful picture that we enjoy looking at every day. Or it may be something to emotionally inspire us. Or even just a daily reminder of what our personal goals are, why we are at work to begin with.

Art work in your reception area is just as important as the rest of your office, but you have a different target and different goals with art in that area. Your goal here is to portray an image for the company. Your main audience here is a visitor to your company and the first impression is key.

You also want to try and influence your visitor’s emotions with the art you choose. Pay attention to colour. For professional practices, choose colours and art that are soothing and calm. For entrepreneurial companies, use bright colours to give the feeling of youth and energy.

You may not think of your products as art, but the reception area is a great place to present your products as “works of art”. From framed pictures of them to a spotlight lit pedestal.
Whatever you decide make sure you decorate your office for success!

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