A clear workspace

Product Search Results for 'clear'
Product Search Results for ‘clear’

Is your office desk a complete mess of papers, stationery, bills and files?  Is it in order? Do you feel organized in your own day and does your inability to put your hands on vital documents stress you out at work?

A very simple housework procedure weekly should keep you organised on your office desk and in your head as you work.

A clean workspace– before you sit down to being your working day your office desk needs to be completely clear so you can focus and gain clarity as you work on the allocated tasks of the day.

Handy items to stay close to your workstation– this means any stationery items, papers and diaries that you use daily should stay in the top draw of your office desk within easy reach.

For items that you use monthly, they need to be further away from your work station; the general rule is the less you use the items the further away they can be filed or kept from your office desk.

Keep all your financial work together including office accessories such as calculators, cheque books and bills; a lockable filing cabinet is normally preferable for this type of information to keep it as private as possible.

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Author: John