Lighting in the home office

Desk Lamps
Desk Lamps

One of the key factors when it comes to organising your home office is the lighting – the right lighting will help you to concentrate for longer, avoid eye strain and allow you to have a longer working day. So when the sun goes down don’t just rely on a normal household light which is often central in the ceiling, it is likely you will need a good study lamp for maximum brightness.

Good task lighting which is simply in the form of a desk lamp that sits on your office desk should be sufficient in most cases, however, if you have the money to spend then spotlights in the ceiling over your office desk are great.

If you are picking a desk lamp get a good one that is flexible and that can shine at any angle on to the work on your office desk.

If your office desk is cluttered enough and you prefer a larger, brighter light then the free standing office lamps that sit to the back of your office chair will provide enough good light.

If you have shelving at the back of your office desk it may also be an idea to fit spotlights into the shelving which makes the whole office look cutting edge and keeps both your office desk and floor free of too many items.

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