When it comes to the office temperature its best to chill out.

Wall Thermometer
Wall Thermometer

At any time of year the office manager know that if they set the temperature to 22C they will hear complaints its too cold, if they turn it up to 24C they will get complaints it’s too hot.In summer in the supposed comfort of air-conditioned buildings, people are swearing that they are baking hot or freezing cold. Some have gone as far as bringing their own thermometer to work to prove the temperature.

However, psychological experiments show that people are not remotely as sensitive to temperature as they think they are, for one thing why is it the same temperature can feel right in summer but too hot in winter?

Danger Low Temperature Sign
Danger Low Temperature Sign

Tests have shown that social cues play an important role in the perception people’s comfort and discomfort.  However not everything is psychological. Experiments show that people’s ability to perform a task involving detailed concentration declines after the temperature crosses 26C.


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