Bring the office to your garden

Wilson & Garden Mobile Rollerboards
Wilson & Garden Mobile Rollerboards

One of the easiest ways for small business owners to reduce significant overhead costs is to work from home. Not only does it save money it also saves time as you theres no longer the daily commute, and allows you a more flexible work schedule.

The idea of working from home makes many business people worried about how it will affect the balance between their professional and personal lives. They also worry about the image it portrays, their ability to avoid distractions, and the amount of space that the home office will occupy in the house.
One simple way to mitigate these concerns is to set up your home office outside of your home in a separate outbuilding. By moving the home office just outside and detached from the home, you can create a perfect setting that requires you to get dressed before leaving the house, keeps work out of your personal space, and distances you from distractions found within the home. It also provides a professional setting for meeting clients and to have phone conversations without distractions in the background.

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Author: John