Home computers injuries on the increase

Security Computer Desks
Security Computer Desks

New data from the US reveals home computer related injuries have increased sevenfold, with children being hurt most often.

The latest findings from American Journal of Preventive Medicine show that over a 13 year study period injury rates increased 732%, more than double the increase in household computer ownership.

Children under five are at most risk of injury, mainly due to falls or trips from computer cables, or head injuries from falling monitors.

Rospa have also found the number of accidents related to computers has increased, a spokesman from Rospa said,  “Accidents always happen more easily when you’re rushing, so if you’re carrying a computer do take care to look where you’re going and don’t try to lift too much equipment in one go”. “Make sure computers are well-positioned so they cannot be pulled over by inquisitive children. And, as with all types of electrical equipment, watch out for trailing cables.”

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Author: John