Successful working mums are great time managers

Working Mums
Working Mums

A working mum already has 2 jobs.

Time management is the main factor when it comes to having to juggle a number of jobs.

Working mums often find that both their jobs can start encroaching upon the other during the day and night and if you let up, then disorganisation sets in. Letting the jobs slide into each other during your working day will bring your stress.  Try and set a timetable for yourself, especially if you work from home.

At certain times of day make sure that you are in the home office or at least working at your office desk doing the office work you are meant to be doing – allocate time slots and be strict with yourself and your family with the amount of time that you have to dedicate to office work.

Take work calls at the office desk when possible, it is very unprofessional to be battling with the children who are screaming down the phone at a business associate, or even worse a prospect client.  Let the calls go to answer message until you are next due to be in your home office for the allocated time slot.

If you keep your meal times regular and give yourself these breaks away from the office chair it can help to stick to the allocated times you have set yourself for doing certain duties during the day.

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