Communication in the work place

HAG Futu Communication Chairs
HAG Futu Communication Chairs

Communication within firms can range hugely. There are a number of firms that use partitions to separate their departments which means that office furniture is grouped into an area and sectioned off to bring privacy to that department.

It is rare to find a firm that does not operate on the internet and many larger businesses encourage their employees to communicate through the firm’s intranet which in many circumstances will streamline and speed up communication between employees both based in the same office building and at other office buildings. The world of communication is available from your office chair and it allows people to be more time effective with their work.

Communication within and between the staff working in the same department is often dictated by the arrangement of the office furniture and design of the office and if the office is an open plan one it is likely that staff are encouraged to have a more open way of thinking. Adopting an open office desk policy in terms of space produces innovative and creative thinking.

Savills, the property company conducted research into communication in the workplace and claim: “Immediate workspace conditions were rated the most important by over 82 per cent of respondents i.e. comfort of work area and office furniture, lighting and temperature.”

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