Have you had a tough day at work?

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Has your boss been on your back all day and is your paperwork stacked high on your office desk without any sign of when you will manage to catch up with the backlog? Has the photocopier spilled ink smudged paper across your computer desk?

There are a couple of smaller things you can ensure you do in the day to make sure that you can relieve at least a little bit of stress and you can do this mostly from your office chair:

1)    Don’t sit for hours at your office desk without taking a break – you will get brain freeze and you need to exercise your legs regularly as well as your brain.  Most people feel tired when they are dehydrated in the day so regular drinks of water should keep you fresh.
2)    Step away from the office desk and immediately take a break when your eyes start to hurt or feel dry and itchy – staring for long lengths at a computer screen is bad for your eyesight and gives you headaches.
3)    Use the time that you are at your office desk to move your head around in a circle, circle your shoulders and release the pressure that has built up as you are sat in your office chair.
4)    It may seem simple but it is highly effective – make sure that before you leave the office every evening you have made a ‘to do’ list for the morning and you have left your office desk in a neat and tidy state ready for a fresh day tomorrow.

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