Quick tips for relieving stress and fatigue in the office

Shiatsu Massage Chair
Shiatsu Massage Chair

There are a number of ideas that you could incorporate into your working day in order to relieve stress.  Most of the examples below are possible to do whilst sat in your office chair.

Always take regular trips away from your office desk to stretch your legs and clear your mind, whether this be taking a trip to the water cooler or chatting to one of your colleagues about work issues. Taking cool sips of water regularly during the day will rehydrate you and keep your mind fresh.

Don’t keep your eyes fixed on your computer screen for hours it will start to affect your eye sight and lead to headaches and dry eyes. Every now and then move away from your screen and complete a task that does not require you to work at a computer.

If you are sat in your office chair talking on the phone it is the perfect time to release a little tension from your neck by circling your neck around, this will also help to prevent back ache.

At break times allow yourself to stretch away from your office desk; long periods of sitting are not good for your muscles.

Another exercise that can be done to release aches is to circle your ankles whilst you are seated in your office chair.

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