Stay trim whilst you are working

Collective Curved Desktop Screens
Collective Curved Desktop Screens

Sitting at an office desk all day in your office chair is not healthy for anyone particularly from a physical health point of view and your lack of exercise is not going to be solved solely by an ergonomic piece of office furniture – you need to work at it.

There are often little challenges in the office that can help you take more exercise within the day without it impacting on your productivity. Many office workers find that being trapped at their office desks for long periods of time can leave them feeling lethargic so staying fit whilst you work can kick start your system, re-focus you and make you feel better whilst burning calories.

Park your car further away from the office so you have a longer distance to walk.

If your colleague is sat close to your office desk then don’t send them an email, get up and speak to them directly. Face to face communication in a busy office is a dying art.

If your goal is to lose weight, you really need to be making your own food so bringing your own lunch into work is an obvious step to take.

There are a few basic movements you can do to boost your body’s blood circulation and burn extra pounds at your office desk.

Sitting upright in your chair, squeeze the muscles in your stomach and buttocks holding for 10 seconds each and doing small repetitions of 10. You will feel your muscles reacting straightaway and you can send emails and do this without anyone in the office even noticing.

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