Office world in motion

Bi-Office World Map
Bi-Office World Map

As most of us know, flexible working has become commonplace. There are fewer time constraints in the office as faster modes of communication provide us with more time to do other jobs. Meetings can be held through video conferencing rather than people being required to travel across the country to do business and it has increased the ease of international business.

When the internet was first introduced it took 10 years before it was included as a key tool in our working lives and now the main item on our office desk is a computer.

Used initially as a valuable research and information tool it has become our main office communication and is often the most cost effective way of communicating with colleagues and clients.

Years ago it seemed a science fiction dream to assume that you may be sat at your office desk and still able to communicate instantly with your co-workers without having to move.

In the last few years the number of people who were using Skype for both business and social purposes increased by 181% in the UK alone. Now the application has over one million members which provide cheap and often free VOIP communication without leaving your office chair or using a telephone.

European Internet Analyst Alexander Burmaster said:

“These benefits, particularly the cost factor, are amplified when taking into account the need to communicate with colleagues or clients around the world, these days you can run a business from your own office desk even if it is a part of an international corporation.”

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