The top 5 most annoying office habbits

Dom Joly Twitter
Dom Joly Twitter

You probably spend as much time with your office colleagues as your own family so it’s not surprising that many people find their colleagues have annoying habits. Here are out our top 5 most annoying habits…

  1. Phone shouting – The office working who can’t seem to talk on the phone without raising their voice several decibels as soon as they pick up the phone.
  2. Eau de underarm – Smelling like you haven’t had a bath in weeks is just as bad as if smell like you emptied the entire can of deodorant on yourself.
  3. Keyboard key slammers – Those who seem to think it’s necessary to apply as much force as possible to make the little characters appear on the screen.
  4. Space invaders – Everyone has their personal space but some people seem to be oblivious to this and will think nothing of encroaching on other peoples work area.
  5. Novelty ringtone – Some people seem to think it’s cool to have there sms alert as Homer Simpson or their ringtone as the latest No1. It’s not.

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