How office plants can lower office stress levels

Humanscale Switch Mouse
Humanscale Switch Mouse

Do you often feel unmotivated and tired at work? Do you find yourself getting agitated with a coworker? If you answered yes then you are not alone. According to the BBC Health Website workplace stress is the second biggest occupational health problem in the United Kingdom.

In the UK nearly 75% of all sick days are due to back pain and stress, and that over £13 billion pounds was lost by UK businesses in 2005 according to the CBI.

For many people it is not their work that gets them down but in their surroundings and environment of the office buildings that they are working in.

When it comes to reducing stress levels for employees and increase productivity – since this is linked to motivational and emotional well being, one of the easiest ways is to introduce office plants according to some studies they can have a positive effects on people, making the environments feel  fresher and more relaxed.

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Author: John