Public speaking sucess starts with the preparation

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Panel Display Systems

If you need to give a presentation, then preparation is the key, here are some tips to helping you give the best presentation you can.

  • As a general rule for every minute of presentation you need at least 20 minutes preparation.
  • People usually talk at about 100 words a minute, so a 1000 word presentation will take 10 minutes
  • Limit yourself to 1 slide ever 2 to 4 minutes
  • Only use one or two fonts in one presentation, including too many will distract the viewers from the message. Vary the font size and use bold and italics where appropriate.
  • Think of a slide as an roadside advert which readers must comprehend quickly, try to limit the slide to 7 lines and only 7 words per line. Most people can only hold 6 or 7 items in there short term memory

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