Eight steps to a productive home office

Home office Furniture
Home office Furniture

For anyone who works from home the central part of their work life is there home office, so having room which puts you in a productive mood is a one of the most important things to consider.

  1.  Listening to music has be proven to boost productivity, creativity and memory retention. Different types of music are best suited to certain tasks than others. If its repetitive menial work then go for something upbeat. If you need to be creative go for a more relaxing track.
  2. Its good to have a distraction now and again but keep them out of sight for when you take a break.
  3. If you have an idea make sure you can get it down straight away, don’t be hunting for a pen and paper otherwise you will have lost the train of thought.
  4. Focus, if your using a computer then there may be the urge to check facebook or your email. You have to resists and set yourself boundaries or you will find your time disappearing and your productivity decreasing.

    Mexico Home office Furniture
    Mexico Home office Furniture
  5. Get a plant, studies have shown they have a positive effect on office environments.
  6. Make sure your not staring at an orange wall. Colour can influence your mood so go for subtle colours and make sure there’s plenty of natural light and your monitor is positioned to reduce glare.
  7. Keep a tidy desk. Anything you don’t use on a daily basis should be stored away, and anything you don’t use should be disposed of.
  8. Remember to take a break,  it’s easy to work too much if your office is your home, but a good break will do wonders for your concentration and your productivity.

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