10 ways to make your office more efficient

office efficiency
Could using ‘do not disturb’ signs make your workers more efficient?

Are you fed up in an office space that isn’t working for you? Do you feel like time, energy and money is being wasted every day? Here are 10 top tips for making your office work harder for you.

  1. Know your thermostat

Too much time is spent complaining about how hot or cold the office space is. If your workers are reaching for coats all too often, it’s time to make a change. Sitting still all day means a slightly higher than average temperature is required, so ditch the air conditioning and simply open a window if it gets too stuffy in the summer.

  1. Add natural light

More natural light will make your employees feel more awake and focussed. Let in the light, but use tinted window coverings to avoid glare and reduce too much heat entering the building. Swap bulbs for daylight bulbs if your room is lacking windows.

  1. Prioritise comfort

Ergonomics are essential to a productive workforce, so make sure everyone is sitting comfortably. That might mean investing in footrests, back supports or monitor risers, but will pay dividends in terms of productive hours and less sick days overall.

  1. Make it flow

Arrange your office to make a logical flow for all your workers. People who need to use the printer often should be seated closer to it, and those who attend external meetings regularly should be able to get back to their desk without needing to say ‘hi’ to everyone on the floor.

  1. Use laptop storage cabinets

Workers who use laptops in the field can make use of secure laptop storage cabinets to keep their technology safe when not in use. Many of these also charge the laptop, so whenever they need to hit the road, they can just grab and go.

  1. Hold standing meetings

So much time is wasted in meeting rooms. Ditch the boardroom and hold standing meetings around the coffee machine or water cooler instead. You’ll be surprised at how much more productive it can be.

  1. Allow headphones

Too many offices have banned listening to music on the job. Shutting out the distractions of the room around them can actually make some workers much more productive, so encourage iPods and headphones for those head-down moments everyone needs.

  1. Give out ‘do not disturb’ signs

Being constantly interrupted at work can break concentration and make simple tasks take much longer to complete. Let your workers use a ‘do not disturb’ sign when they’re busy working on a concentrated task.

  1. Make a place for everything

Too much time is wasted trying to find things in the office. Keep everything in its place and enforce people putting things back to avoid this situation in yours. From filing systems to stationary drawers, make everything easy to grab when someone needs it.

  1. Understand employee differences

Productivity works differently for different people. Try to recognise that a strategy which is working brilliantly for one person might be incredibly annoying for someone else, and focus instead on the end result. If it works for them, it’s good for you!

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