Working whilst on the move

Komac Move Task Chair
Komac Move Task Chair

Mobile working (whilst not sat in your office chair) is often what most people feel is to blame for the 24/7 stressful working culture. However, connecting the world through communication has been a major benefit for most firms across the globe.

If you do work remotely it can actually aid productivity and communication hugely. Laptops no longer need to be situated on office desks plugged into access points.  A continual ability to access email and internet applications whilst on the move has saved many people a lot of time.

In particular, parents find that technologies that allow them to work whilst they are mobile are very helpful in allowing them to multi task the demands of their office desk and the children.

Mike Yeager, spokesman for Blackberry said:

“For working mothers, a lot of the difficulty they have is being able to grab those minutes between meetings and the office desk, or on their way to or from work and make the most of them.  A device like the Blackberry is so handy for that because you don’t have to be anywhere in particular to use it. Working mums feel more in control as they know they’ve got it covered.”

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