Top five office design trends for 2017

Modern office furntiure
Top five office design trends for 2017

Staying up to date with the latest office design trends is a great way to ensure that your office looks modern, professional, and stylish. Plus, by making a few changes to your office each year, you can revitalise the space, making it a much more enjoyable place for your employees. After all, research shows that office décor and layout impacts productivity. So, read on to discover the top five trends in modern office furniture and décor.

1.      Design flexibility

More and more business owners are going to design with the future in mind. After all, who knows what your organisation’s requirements will be in three years’ time? You should look to future-proof your office by using modular meeting rooms and workspaces that you can easily and quickly reconfigure on an as-needed basis. This is opposed to choosing immobile furniture, which could lead to issues down the line when you experience business growth.

2.      Modern office furniture, such as sit-stand desks

One piece of modern office furniture you should consider investing in next year is a sit-stand desk. Research shows that sitting down all day at work is bad for our wellbeing. Luckily, this problem has been solved with desks that can be configured to allow workers to stand up or sit down. These versatile desks mean that employees can toggle between two settings throughout the day, meaning fewer aches and more energy.

3.      Hot desking

Hot desking is an approach whereby workers choose their desk on a first come, first serve basis. Throughout 2017, we will see more business owners do away with the notion of giving all workers a dedicated workspace if their workforce is mobile. After all, if someone is only in the office for a couple of days each week, it does not make much sense for them to have their own desk.

4.      Separate lounge areas

With the rise in hectic workspaces, businesses are realising that it is imperative to include a lounge area where employees and team members can relax. Such areas help to lower stress levels and create a more enjoyable workplace. It is important for employees to take time away from their desk so they can unwind and get back to their work feeling rejuvenated and raring to go.

5.      Different colours painted in different rooms

Colours can influence productivity in the office, and, therefore, painting different rooms different colours can help to generate the right type of atmosphere. For example, for a meeting room where you hold creative brainstorming sessions, you should consider incorporating the colour yellow. However, for a calming ambience in an office atmosphere, blue is a good choice, as it is soothing.

So there you have it; five of the best office design and furniture trends for the year ahead. No matter what type of business you run, you should consider some of the trends mentioned above. There is a clear emphasis on adaptable workplace environments, which enhance employee comfort, happiness, and productivity.

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