Is your child sitting in an ergonomic chair?

Education Furniture
Education Furniture

The average school child is now expected to spend more time working at a keyboard since the ICT revolution.  It is just as important for a child to have an ergonomic desk and chair as it is for an employee to have an ergonomic office desk and chair and this is still to be fully realised by teachers and parents.

Already most firms have bought into the importance of ergonomics and it is commonplace for them to ensure their workers receive such items as adjustable office chairs and specially designed office desks, basically any type of ergonomic office furniture that is required for their employees to achieve the best results.

At the moment though the same does not apply so widely in schools and results show that nearly one in three cases of people who are suffering with chiropractic injuries were injuries that began in childhood.

Additional information from the research conducted by the British Chiropractic Association revealed 29% of children had complained to their parents about back pain and 38% of parents said that they were worried about their child’s posture.

At Surrey University Professor Peter Buckle at the Robens Centre for Health Ergonomics said:

“Most people have risk assessments at work and companies call in specialists to look at how to minimise back strain and introduce the correct office chairs and general office furniture to stop these issues, but few schools are taking this kind of advice.”

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