Colours that change your mood in the office

What Color Are You?
What Color Are You?

Workplaces generally influence workers more positively when the office is set in blue or purple hues because it naturally lends a calming effect to the environment.

Earthly tones like fawn brown provide an air of professionalism to the office and the vibrant stronger shades of orange and red make the room look inviting and can provide a creative edge which can lead its workers to broaden their way of thinking.

When you come to decorating your own office at home it is worth taking into consideration how these colours will influence you psychologically as you work. You want a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere where you can study in comfort.

Natural lighting is the best lighting for helping you focus on your work and keeping you awake it also the most inviting.

Organise your home office in a logical manner and only have office furniture and accessories in the office if they are being used or otherwise they become clutter and eat into your space and organisation.

Fresh flowers can keep up the cheer in your home office and so can personal decorations such as ornamental lamp such as a coloured fibre optic or bubble lamp which is also extremely calming and will help you to focus.

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