Dividing the office into separate workstations

Desk Mounted Partition Screens
Desk Mounted Partition Screens

Many offices have found that using office desk dividers can offer privacy to a large team of people in the same department. Office desk dividers help you use your office space more efficiently. Otherwise known as freestanding walls, office desk dividers separate individual workers and help to reduce the noise generate from many people in one area (a particular problem in call centres).

Distracting switchboard calls and loud colleagues becomes a thing of the past when office desks are divided up efficiently.

If you are deciding to convert an open office space into a number of small workable office units by using an office desk divider, then make sure you measure the space; you need to carefully take into consideration the size of the computer desks or office desks they will house.

It is probably a better idea, not just from an aesthetic point of view, but also to make employees more comfortable in their space and have every office desk at equal measurements.

Before making any changes to the office structure ask the employees whose workstations you are deciding to move or partition what they think about the new working conditions in relation to completing their work.

Office furniture must be measured in all cases where there are divides, including filing cabinets and photocopiers.

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