Feng shui tips for your office

Humanscale Liberty Task Chair
Humanscale Liberty Task Chair

Many of us work in an challenging office environments with deadlines, impossible bosses and the inevitable office politics.  Here are some great tips on feng shui to bring harmony to your office.

  1. Make sure your sitting with good support behind your back, with a wall or solid surface behind you. Never sit with your back facing a door, as this makes you vulnerable to ‘betrayals’ in the office. Sitting with your back facing a window is also inauspicious as it represents a lack of support, and may even give you eye strain if you use a computer screen.
  2. It is also inauspicious to sit facing a wall. In this position you will frequently encounter obstacles at work and have trouble getting a promotion. If this is inevitable, hang a picture of a beautiful landscape in front of your desk to symbolise an abundance of opportunities in front of you.
  3. Displaying an image or figurine of a cockerel on your office desk is a great way to counter office politics.
  4. Crystals are also great to absorb negative energies at work. Display several tiny crystal spheres on your desk to ensure that everything goes smoothly at work.
  5. Try to avoid sitting at a desk that is directly facing someone else’s. When you are seated in a position where you are constantly facing another person, there will be a build up of confrontational Chi and energy between the two of you. Eventually this will lead to conflicts and arguments.  You could use a partition to alleviate this problem but remember point 2!

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Author: John